Monday, October 3, 2011

Why water helps you get better when you're sick.

Imagine yourself going down a big slide. You go down smoothly and pretty fast. Now imagine going to down a slide that has been sprayed with water. It is slippery and wet and you go down the slide faster than when it was dry. That is basically why the doctor tells you to drink more water, it removes all the bad stuff quicker. You are the bad stuff and the slide is your body.

Things that happen when you're sick cause you to release a lot of water from your body. If you have nausea you vomit, fever will cause to sweat, and diarrhea.

If you don't stay hydrated, it can cause a lot of stress on your body. Stress on your body will make you feel worse and it will take longer to get better.

Drinking water will help remove all the bad things from your body. It will make more mucous, which will make you blow your nose more, which will apparently remove all the toxins. It also makes you pee more which remove all the things that make you sick.

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