Saturday, October 1, 2011

The different types of sugar.

Most sugar comes from sugar canes. Once the harvesters pick the sugar canes, it gets sent to a mill where they crush and squeeze out all the juice, and then they boil it to get rid of all the water. The sugar starts to crystallise once enough water is gone. The juices have all this other stuff in it and it isn't pure sugar and water. So some of that stuff is in the sugar and it comes out a little brown. This is raw sugar.

Molasses is made when the raw sugar is removed and you get this brown, thick juice. It has some sugar that couldn't be removed.

Regular sugar mixed with some molasses makes brown sugar. They get this after they have removed all the raw sugar they can out of the juice.

White sugar is when they take raw sugar, and bleach it with some sulphur dioxide. All this does is turn it white.

When they dissolve the raw sugar and treat it some chemicals to get rid of the extra stuff in it, and then crystallise it, this is called refined sugar.

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