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  1. here is one:

    Your house was burglarized and all your valuables are stolen. You had a state of the art burglar alarm system that you paid a lot of money for. Investigating the theft, you find the alarm system was for some reason inoperative at the time of the theft. Moreover, because of the theft, the alarm company get a great deal more business--because all the neighbors are afraid of being the next victim. When you ask the alarm company why there was a malfunction, first they tell you one thing, then they tell you another, different reason. They assure you it won't happen again if you pay them much more money this time, and sacrifice your rights to inquire anymore. In fact, if you do inquire, you're ridiculed by their friends in the local newspapers as a "conspiracy theorist."

  2. what is going on with wikipedia why are they shutting down for a day?

  3. sopa/pipa please, need it dumbed down so i can understand why everything is shut down

  4. How do airplanes fly?