Thursday, September 29, 2011

Why different people like different music.

The music you like is affected by your familarity with it. If your parents always played hip-hop music in the car when you were a child, you become familiar with it and that causes you to enjoy it.

Pretend that as a kid you had a chocolate bar that you really loved. You ate it and said you wanted to eat it everyday forever because it was so delicious. But last week you refused to eat the same chocolate bar at all because the chocolate was a little melted.

Now you ate it even if the chocolate is a little melted and you loved it. That same day right after you ate it you went outside with your friends and had the most fun you ever had and bought ice cream from the ice cream truck that plays music. Now everytime you eat that chocolate bar, you will remember the fun you had, and it's a happy memory, so it makes you like the chocolate bar even more because of the memories.

Some people like hip-hop so they might buy a hip-hop album such as J. Cole's new one.

Or you may like something more slow and peaceful to listen to such as Adele.

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