Saturday, October 8, 2011

Why cancer is not curable.



  1. Perhaps attacking Cancer with specific modalities for the manifold variants of cancer is a methodology riddled with complexity. Some more general approach applicable to many types might be productive and a consideration avoiding such complications:

  2. Nonsense.

    Activated neutrophils and macrophages identified and killed all 25 kinds of cancer cells they were tried on in Zheng Cui's lab at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center.

    His Leukocyte InFusion Therapy is in clinical trial at the South Florida Bone Marrow and Stem Cell Transplant Institute. Funding was supplied by the Life Extension Foundation, a vendor of health supplements.

    The first clue was a highly cancer resistant mouse which survived massive doses of HeLa. Four lines of offspring were raised and forty percent of the first generation offspring exhibited the cancer resistance.

    Why isn't the National Cancer Institute encouraging and funding further research with these remarkable mice?

  3. Yes, Richard, but you're just confirming the point made by the comic - a treatment might kill 25 kinds of cancer, but there are thousands out there.

  4. Cancer is a collection of diseases with some commonalities.

    Some cancers can be cured.

    Some are not cured.

    Some treatments can prolong life.

    Not everybody responds the same way to treatement.

    New treatments are being created, most notably in my mind is Gleevec, developed for leukemia but found to shrink Gastro Intestinal Stromal Tumors.

    Since cancer is a collection of diseases, you cannot accurately say ALL cancers cannot be cured.

  5. I think this can benefit each of us. Thanks for sharing it with all.. Stay blessed!!'

  6. If 'they' could just find a way to prevent cells from mutating....