Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Rules of cricket.

Cricket is very similar to baseball. Someone throws a ball and someone else tries to hit it with a bat.

There is a bowler and a batsman. The bowler is the pitcher and the batsman is the hitter. The bowler will throw the ball to the batsman. The batsman has to hit the ball and prevent the ball from hitting the wickets behind him.

The batsman has to hit the ball to give him enough time to run back and forth on the pitch. Each run gives his team 1 point. There are no "home runs" in cricket.

The bowler has to take the batsman out. There are many ways a batsman can be out:

  • The batsman hits the ball but one of the fielders catches the ball before it hits the ground.
  • The bowler throws the ball hard enough at the wickets to make the pieces of wood on top fall off.
  • When the batsman hits the ball and is in the middle of his run, a fielder throws the ball and hits the wickets.
  • If the batsman accidentally hits the wickets behind him, he is out.
  • The batsman gets hit anywhere on the body by the ball.

In baseball, there are 3 outs but in cricket, a team can keep batting until all the players are out. Then the batting team and the bowling team switch sides. The team with the highest score wins.

Comparing baseball to cricket:

1. Playing Field: In cricket the playing field is a narrow strip, much like a bowling lane. In baseball, the field is a diamond playing area.

2. Scoring: In baseball, a player can only score 1 point, then has to let another player hit. But in cricket, the player can run back and forth and keep scoring. When the ball is recovered and the batter isn't out, the same batter gets to keep hitting and scoring until they're out.

3. Outs: In baseball, to take a player out, you have to make the player miss the ball 3 times, catching him between bases, or by catching the ball without it hitting the ground. In cricket, the bowler has to hit a wicket behind the batter hard enough to make a piece of wood fall off, or a fielder has to hit the wicket. When a bowler hits the batter in the body with the ball, the batter is declared out. In baseball, this will give the batter a free base.

4. Length of Game: In baseball, after 3 players are out, the teams swap and this makes one "inning". The teams swap up to 9 innings, which can make the game very long. But in cricket, the teams swap once and only after all the players are out, which can make a game last for days.

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