Thursday, October 6, 2011

Why Macs boot up faster than Windows.

You and your best friend like to have sleepovers. When you go over to his house, you need to bring all your stuffed animals that you normally sleep. But when your best friend sleeps over at your house, he only brings one stuffed animal. When you sleep over, your trip will be cluttered and slow. But when your friend sleeps over, his will be quicker and less messy.

Your friend is a Mac and you are Windows. Macs don't have a lot of stuff that need to start up when they boot up.

Another reason is that most Macs have a solid state hard drive. These hard drives are like a sports car, less space but more speed. It has all the information on it and can load it instantly.


  1. Probably the most idiotic explanation known to man? Are you sure you should be even using a computer? Explain like a kid, doesn't mean "explain like an idiot"

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