Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Why you're hungry, even if you're overweight.

Think of the fat in your body as the food you keep in your emergency kit. Your emergency kit is used to help you only when you're in danger. When you're hungry, your pantry(stomach) is empty so your body wants you to go the grocery food to buy more food(eat). You could always eat food from the emergency kit but your body doesn't think this is the best idea.

So if there is a snow storm and you can not go to the grocery store to buy more food. Then it is okay to eat from the emergency kit. But your body doesn't think this is the best idea since this food is used for emergencies only. Your body thinks its better to have food in the pantry AND have food in the emergency kit. So instead of using the food in emergency kit, your body will tell you to eat.

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