Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Why you aren't getting the internet speed you signed up for.

The internet speed that was advertised is measured in "Megabits" while on your computer the internet speed is measured in "Megabytes". 8 Megabits = 1 Megabyte. On paper it will say 8 Megabits but when you're downloading it will say 1 Megabyte and you're probably wondering why you aren't getting 8 Megabytes. Well this is why.

It's good marketing. I can give you a slice of pie, or I can cut that slice of pie into 8 pieces. Now if I asked you would you be more interested in 1 or 8? You choose 8 because it sounds like you get more right? But you don't recognize it's the same amount either way. The same thing with 1 Megabyte and 1 Megabit.

One of the things that could be affecting your internet speed is your wireless router. If you are using wireless internet, a good Wireless N Router will speed up your internet speed and you won't get any drops.

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