Thursday, September 29, 2011

Explanation on volts and watts.

If I had a bowling ball and dropped it from 5 feet and then dropped it from 10 feet, which will do more damage on impact? 10 feet because it will create more flow. The height I dropped the bowling ball at is the voltage, the speed of it is the current, and the impact of the ball is the watts.

Voltage is potential, current is flow, and watts is power.
Voltage + current = power.

Let's say I dropped the bowling ball from 10 feet into a pool of water that is 1 feet deep. It drops into the water and hits the bottom with less impact. The water is resisting the flow. It's dropped from the same height but there is more resistance, which means less flow, which means less impact, which means less power.

Resistors(water) in the path of the flow resist the flow, making less power.

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